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DigitalNZ aggregates collections from across New Zealand and makes the aggregated metadata available through an API.

You'll need an API key to work with DigitalNZ data.


Tips, tools, and examples

Getting some top-level data from the DigitalNZ API

This notebook pokes around at the top-level of DigitalNZ, mainly using facets to generate some collection overviews and summaries.

Find results by country in DigitalNZ

Many items in DigtalNZ include location information. This can include a country, but as far as I can see there's no direct way to search for results relating to a particular country using the API. You can, however, search for geocoded locations using bounding boxes. This notebook shows how you can use this to search for countries.

Map showing frequency of DigitalNZ locations

Visualise a search in Papers Past

Start with some keywords you want to search for in Papers Past, then create a simple visualisation showing the distribution over time and by newspaper.

Chart visualising Papers Past results

Harvest data from Papers Past

This notebooks lets you harvest large amounts of data for Papers Past (via DigitalNZ) for further analysis. It saves the results as a CSV file that you can open in any spreadsheet program. It currently includes the OCRd text of all the newspaper articles.

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