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GLAM data from government portals

This is an attempt to assemble some useful information about Australian GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) datasets.

As a first step, I've harvested GLAM-related datasets from the various national and state data portals. I did this by identifying relevant organisations and groups, and then harvesting all the packages associated with them. I also added in a few extra packages that looked relevant.


Tools, tips, and examples

Results (April 2018)

Here's a CSV containing details of all the datasets I found. I've also uploaded it to Google Sheets.

There are duplicates in the data because some datasets are listed on more than one portal. While my interest is in datasets containing collection data, the list also includes datasets created by the operations of GLAM organisations, such as borrowing data or FOI reports. I might filter these out later on.

There are currently 790 datasets in this list.

Here's the number of datasets by data portal:        271    214     173      96     30      6

And the number of datasets by organisation:

State Library of South Australia                      121
Housing and Public Works                              117
State Library of Western Australia                    114
Natural Resources, Mines and Energy                    79
State Library of Queensland                            78
LINC Tasmania                                          74
State Records                                          41
State Records Office of Western Australia              41
South Australian Governments                           26
State Library of New South Wales                       21
State Archives NSW                                     19
Environment and Science                                14
History Trust of South Australia                       12
State Library of NSW                                    6
State Library of Victoria                               6
National Library of Australia                           5
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships      4
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences                     3
National Archives of Australia                          3
National Portrait Gallery                               2
Mount Gambier Library                                   2
Australian Museum                                       1
City of Sydney                                          1

I've attempted to identify the format of each dataset by checking the file extension. If there's no file extension I use the format value in the package metadata. These values don't always seem reliable. Here's the number of datasets by format:

csv                           499
xml                            66
wms                            35
xlsx                           27
json                           25
docx                           17
xls                            16
txt                            15
zip                            14
doc                            12
api                            12
geojson                         8
other                           7
data                            6
pdf                             4
jpg                             2
html                            2
rss                             2
website link                    2
kml                             2
rtf                             2
kmz                             1
css, java, php, javascript      1
php                             1
xsd                             1
csv, json, web services         1
mp3                             1
js                              1
museum                          1
website                         1
app                             1
jpeg                            1
url                             1
.txt                            1
wfs                             1
plain                           1

For each dataset, I've fired off a HEAD request for the url to see if the link still works. Here's the number of datasets by HTTP status code (200 is ok, 404 is not found):

200    746
404     39
400      3
403      2

Just the CSVs

I've created a CSV of just the CSV-formatted datasets. I've also uploaded it to Google Sheets.

There are 499 CSV-formatted datasets in this list.

Here are results of the HEAD requests for CSV-formatted datasets:

200    493
404      4
400      2